SWI is involved in public opinion and market research, One health research,
publishing, consultancies, training and organizing regional encounters
like the Amazone Forest Encounter.

Amazon Forest Encounter

The Amazone Forest Encounter  was held annually (2004-2015) on the Nature Reserve Brownsberg in Suriname. The event with  participation of more than 160 people from 16 countries in the region has been  transformed into a  comprehensive movement with focus on the region’s  development potential. 

The  encounters  also contributed to the birth of the publication Quest to Rescue Our Future  (2016) by Glenn Sankatsing that  sows the seeds for a 21st path of sustainable humanity, and the founding of  the Rescue our Future Foundation.

One Health Research

The Foundation for Information and Development has been involved in One Health leprosy research, and supports the environmental advocacy work. In this regard it also  organizes expeditions to leprosy colonies to study the relationship between people, animals and the ecology.

Photos: Expedition Leprosy Colony Groot Chatillon district Para, Suriname.

Opinion and Exit Polls

SWI introduced political opinion polls (1991) and exit polls (2005) in Suriname. The databases of previously held elections in Suriname were used for the Election Dashboard 2020 (Verkiezingen Dashboard 2020) that was developed in partnership with Consulytic.

Photos: Exit POLL Paramaribo 2005

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