The third decade: 1997 -2007: Continuing digitalization and nation and culture

In the third decade digitalization was continued and the nation in the Caribbean was also emphasized. Several database regarding memorials were produced. During Carifesta, held in Suriname in 2003, these database were the foundation for a keynote presentation: Suriname; A diversity within the Caribbean Diversity.

In 2006 the project ”History, Ideologies and Nation Building” began. With this project SWI wanted to better understand the dynamics of state and nation in Suriname and Guyana. With funding received from the State Oil Company Suriname a few activities were held in Suriname and Guyana. One of the results is the publication ‘Natievorming and Natiecreatie in Suriname’ edited by Jack Menke in 2008.

In this decade SWI also assisted Glenn Sankatsing and his Caribbean Reality Center (CRS) to discuss annually his new ideas about development at the Latin American and Caribbean Encounter. Among other things it resulted in the book ‘Quest to Rescue our Future” (2016).

Exit Poll
SWI held the first exit poll in Suriname on the day of the elections on May 25, 2005.This exit poll was held in Paramaribo and gave a fairly accurate prediction of the results in the election district Paramaribo. The preparation and execution of the Exit poll was done by a wide group of experts. The logistical and technical assistance was done by SWI, Cybermango and the Institute for Development and Strategic Studies (INDEST).