The second decade: 1987 – 1997 SWI in the digital era

In the second decade, SWI landed on the digital highway and produced a variety of digital products. In 1991, the first political opinion poll was introduced in Suriname. The first opinion poll on the eve of the elections on May 25, 1991, paved the way for other institutions to continue the political opinion polls. Most of the results were published in local newspapers and a smaller part on websites and in reports.

Computer generated surveys / polls
In 1992 SWI, introduced computer generated surveys/polls in Suriname. With small laptops an opinion poll was conducted in Paramaribo regarding the popularity of politicians and implementation of the Structural Adjustment Program (SAP). The advantages of computer generated research are automatic control to guard consistency and to skip questions, facilities to calculate and to correct during the interviews.

Two step random sample procedures
SWI developed and applied new random sample procedures that had sufficient guarantees to conduct trustworthy research in the period 1994 – 1997. It is the two step random sample known as area sampling. Counting dwellings and cards were used to draw a sample of geographical regions and afterwards from different elements (for example households). International organizations such as UNICEF and UNDP were able to use the knowledge gained from these random sample procedures, but also local private and governmental institutions.

In the 1990s SWI designed cultural, economic and political database. Database were made of basic needs, political polls, public opinion polls and memorials. Quite a few of these database were made user friendly and the public could purchase them on CD ROMs.

From the beginning, SWI had strong ties with Guyana and produced several publications such as ‘In Gesprek met Walter Rodney’ to commemorate this well known Guyanese historian, politician and strategist regarding development. He was executed in 1980. After this first publication several others followed, among these ‘From Colony tot State Capitalism’ written by Clive Thomas and in 1993 Jack Menke and Jerry Egger’s ‘Guyana vanaf de Eeuwwisseling tot de verkiezingen van 5 oktober 1992’.