The fourth decade: 2007 - 2017

The project”History, Ideologies and Nation Building” resulted in other publications and activities as well. In Rishmidevi Kirtie Algoe’s publication “ Suriname: schip van diversiteit met een boeg van saamhorigheid” in 2009, the background and context were
analyzed when Holi and Id-Ul Fitr were introduced as national holidays in Suriname. Another activity was the Round Table in 2009, with scientists from Guyana, in which aspects of the two histories were compared. It resulted in Report Round Table State and Ethnicity and the Nation in Suriname and Guyana in the 20 th and 21 st century(2009)

Commissioned by the Staatsolie Werknemers Organisatie Suriname (SWOS), SWI did research for this trade union that celebrated its 25 th anniversary in 2010. The result was the publication Van Confrontatie naar Samenwerking: 25 jaar Staatsolie Werknemers
Organisatie Suriname (SWOS) in 2011.

Together with SWI, the Foundation for Religious Art collections in the Netherlands, organized a training for Surinamese representatives of a number of religious institutions in 2011. An inventory was made of tangible heritage of the Christian denominations and Hindu, Muslim and Jewish institutions.

In 2011, the Fort Buku project was started. There were 3 workshops with those interested in the history and 2 expeditions to the Buku region to try to find where the fortress, known in all the history books, was. Another issue was how this project could be of
additional value to the cultural heritage of Suriname. A few obstacles led to the fact that not all aspects of the project could be carried out completely.

The last research project regarded democracy in Suriname as part of the major country research in the Americas: Lapop (Latin American Public Opinion Project). In 2013 the report The Political Culture of Democracy in Suriname and the Americas: Towards
Equality of Opportunity was published. The authors were Jack Menke, Marten Schalkwijk and Jair Schalkwijk. This is assessable for the general public through the website including the raw data.