You can find our publications by clicking the tabs circled in red.

Add to Cart

  1. Hover over the image to reveal the “ADD TO CART” button. Click the button to add the item to your cart.
  2. Click the title to view the product description.
  • After adding a publication to the cart,  it will be visible in the shopping bag.
  • The “ADD TO CART” button will change into a “VIEW CART” button, which can also be clicked to view the publications you have added to the shopping bag.
  1. You can change the quantity of the publication you want to add to the cart.
  2. Click “ADD TO CART” to add the publication to the cart.

Hover over the shopping bag for the following:

  1. Click “View cart” to view the publications you’ve added to the shopping bag.
  2. Click “Checkout” to place your order.

After clicking the “View cart” button, you will be redirected to the overview of the cart.


Click “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” to place your order.

Click “Checkout” to place your order.

How to place an order

  • Fill in the required fields of the billing details.
  • If needed you can also add additional information for delivery.
  • Check your order
  • Click the reCAPTCHA “i’m not a robot” field for verification.
  • Click “PLACE ORDER” button.